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Our Mission: Phoebe Mae Foundation’s mission is to fill the gap for children in need, including those who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect or other emergency situations.


Phoebe Mae Foundation was founded Nov 7, 2019. We shortly after received our 501c3 status. We hit the ground running by collecting donations of clothing, toys and many other items needed by caregivers. We have been gratefully blessed with an abundance of donations just since opening our door in mid-December. Phoebe Mae’s Closet is currently serving the community in from a climate-controlled, safe storage facility. See "Phoebe Mae's Closet" to see details on this offering. 

Who do we serve: PMF serves any child in need in Denton County. We work with a lot of caregivers who have received a child that has been removed from their family in an urgent situation and they have nothing other than a loving heart to provide for this child. This may be a grandparent, an aunt, friend or even a foster parent. We help biological parents if they are unable to provide these essentials for their children. As our organization grows, will work closely with group homes and other facilities that house these vulnerable children.


Our vision is to assist these caregivers to provide an environment that reflects “normalcy” without the worry of meeting the bare necessities so they can focus on being an outpour of positivity and love for these children. A child being removed from their family, especially after being neglected or abused, can be very traumatized. A child in that state will require positive focus and patience. Our goal is to lift the weight of basic necessities from this caregiver, so they are able to focus on the emotional and mental aspect of the situation. 

How can you help? 


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